T1 Firewire BOOST Hybrid Set - 2 x (20.7 ft / 6.8 m)

This innovative poly/poly hybrid setup will revolutionize the competitive player's access to spin. Expect the same high tension stability that T1-Firewire offers. In addition, the round Noes-2 (recommended in the crosses) will enhance durability and bring extra ball control to your game.

  • T1-Firewire (RED)

  • Neos-2 (WHITE)

We reserve the right to send this string packaged in a sample package (while sample packages are still in stock)!


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Absolutely love it!Review by Todd
I used to use luxillon rough and nxt control and thought it was a great setup. I am usually a defensive 3.5/4.0 player. I won my first two matches ever at 4.0 singles playing this string and was able to be much more aggressive and kept the ball in the court much better. I could not be a bigger fan of this string. (Posted on 12/9/17)
Outstanding poly/poly hybridReview by mikeler
Tier One Firewire Boost Hybrid 1.30mm (I think it was 16g, I threw away the package months ago). Thanks to Tier One for shipping me a free sample to try.

This is a poly/poly hybrid meant to have the very sharp Firewire in the mains with their Neos-2 smooth poly in the crosses.

Tension it is strung: 60# on a lockout
Your regular string set up: Volkl Cyclone 16 @ 60#
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 16 (Prince Tour 100T ESP)
Power (or lack there of): Medium powered
Feel: Between good and great
Tension maintenance: I forgot to use RacquetTune, sorry everyone.
Price: $8.95/set
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: If you've followed this thread, you know I'm a fan of shaped polys. Awhile back, I tried a full bed of Firewire and really enjoyed it. Since I'm not a clean ball striker, it broke after only a few sets on a shank. So I was intrigued by this offering wondering if this may help the shank problem. Read on for the results...

Serve/Return of Serve: Serves have nasty spin with this setup. My first serve has been dialed in recently with Cyclone and this string so that comparison is a wash. I was able to be aggressive on returns and put a lot of balls back in the court. It was rare to miss a service return unless I was pulled way off to one side.

Strokes: I felt the most confident I've ever felt on court with this setup the last 2 matches I've played. It literally feels like its grabbing the ball and slinging it. Flattening out balls I had all the confidence in the world to take big cuts. If I missed taking a big cut, it usually hit the top of the tape so I didn't miss by much at all. Even my slice backhand which is average came alive with this setup. I'm a defensive grinder but this setup gives me the confidence to take control of the points when I have the opportunity.

Volleys: Good on regular volleys, terrific when hitting drop volleys probably with all the extra spin it provides.

Touch shots: My drop shots were pretty good with this setup.

Softness: This felt pretty soft on the arm. Definitely no arm issues.

Tension: 60# played great. I love the crisp sound of the ball on contact.

Durability: I've been using this on and off for months for a random set at a time because I didn't want to switch strings too often during league play. I don't really see much notching on the crosses, so I may be able to get quite a bit more life out of it. I didn't keep track of the hours but in a 16x16 pattern, I'm surprised how good it still looks for the number of hours I've logged with it. No shanking issues yet.

Movement: Some string movement but nothing too bad. I think the smooth cross poly allows the strings to slide mostly back even as they age. The OCD folks will like this one.

Color: The red and white color is pretty nice IMHO. Federer and Stan should consider this one. :)

Conclusion: I think I may be looking for a home for the rest of my Cyclone reel that I just opened. The spin with this setup is off the charts, the durability is outstanding and the price is reasonable. If you are looking at the sub $10 poly class, this may be better than Cyclone or Cyclone Tour if you are a fan of either of those strings. I think I'll be making the switch to this hybrid! (Posted on 7/31/17)
Great String All AroundReview by Michael
I've tried most of the leading polys, multis and hybrids over the last two years. The boost hybrid is the best I have tried. Control and spin are excellent, but it also isn't hard on the arm and it holds tension well. (Posted on 7/30/17)
F*cking Awesome...Review by Darius
SHHHH! don't tell your competitors about this string. This string is f*cking awesome, played the best match ever after stringing my racket with this Hybrid , I have been using FireWire 'full bed' for the past year or so (didn't think it could improve) . Was I wrong, working as designed, the mains (FireWire) easily slide n snap back on the smooth crosses, to produce more spin, better control, solid feel, & lots of power to spare, whats there not to like. I have the 17G strung @ M at 57 & X's at 59. in a stiff RA 70 racket, and still very smooth and easy to play with no arm problems. I have tried them all from gut to multis. If your looking for an edge over your competitor, if your looking for a little confidence booster get these strings... (Posted on 4/11/17)

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